Arper Nordic Solid Wood Wardrobe Home Bedroom Sliding Door Wardrobe Modern Children's Wardrobe

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Material solid wood1
sliding door wardrobe
(Light walnut + white) 80*50*180 thickened plate, (light walnut + white) 100*50*180 thickened plate, (light walnut + white) 120*50*180 thickened plate, (light walnut + white) )140*50*180 thickened board,(light walnut+white)160*50*180 thickened board,(grey oak+white)80*50*180 thickened board,(grey oak+white)100*50* 180 thickened plate, (grey oak + white) 120*50*180 thickened plate, (gray oak + white) 140*50*180 thickened plate, (gray oak + white) 160*50*180 thickened plate, (Grey oak) 80*50*180 thickened plate, (grey oak) 100*50*180 thickened plate, (grey oak) 120*50*180 thickened plate, (grey oak) 140*50*180 thickened Plate, (grey oak) 160*50*180 thick plate, 100cm wardrobe + top cabinet (remark color), 120cm wardrobe + top cabinet (remark color), 140cm wardrobe + top cabinet (remark color), 160cm wardrobe + top cabinet (remark color), (color remark) 100*50*180 package installation, (color remark) 120*50*180 package installation, (color remark) 140*50*180 package installation, (color remark) 160*50*180 Package installation, no door 80*50*180 (color note)
modern minimalist
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Warranty Duration: 12 Months
Warranty Type: Manufacturer Warranty
Assembly: Assembly Required
Antique Collection: No
Material: Wood
Country of Origin: China
Wardrobe Door Type: Sliding Door
Wardrobe Blocks: 2 Blocks
Supported Weight: 1000kgColor: Walnut 80x50x180cm
walnut 100x50x180cm
walnut 120x50x180cm
walnut 140x50x180cm
walnut 160x50x180cm
white 80x50x180cm
white 100x50x180cm
white 120x50x180cm
white 140x50x180cm
white 160x50x180cm
grey 80x50x180cm
grey 100x50x180cm
grey 120x50x180cm
grey 140x50x180cm
grey 160x50x180cm
wardrobe + Top Cabinet 100cm
wardrobe + Top Cabinet 120cm
wardrobe + Top Cabinet 140cm
wardrobe + Top Cabinet 160cm
installation Fee

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Arper Nordic Solid Wood Wardrobe Home Bedroom Sliding Door Wardrobe Modern Children's Wardrobe