Bed Frame Modern Double Decker Bunk Bed For Kids Adults Queen Bunk Bed With Drawer Mattress Set High

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๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“ Main material: high-quality cold-rolled steel plate (tenon and mortise structure, the bed is more stable when sleeping)
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- Premium Quality Double Decker Wood Bunk Bed With Durability Up To 10 Years
-High End Modern Kids / Adult Bunk Bed
- Made In HDF Wood With Scratch & Water Resistance Function
- Weight 100KG, Can Support 600K
- For Mattress Set Is Including 5CM Thickness Coconut Fibre Mattress
Available In 3 Sizes:
Super Single: 120x190CM Mattress
Queen: 150x190CM Mattress
If You Use Your Own Mattress, Please Check The Mattress Size Before Order
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Bed Frame Modern Double Decker Bunk Bed For Kids Adults Queen Bunk Bed With Drawer Mattress Set High