BEIMU Foldable Sofa Bed Modern Simple Lazy Sofa Living Room Small Apartment Multi-functional

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The folding bed will be shipped by the shipping company in about 5 days
2. It takes 11-25 days to reach the destination.
3. No installation required!
4. For international transportation, single or multiple pieces of bulk delivery can be subcontracted.
If you only receive part of the package, please don't worry, wait a few days or ask customer service.
Thank you very much.
Product Features:
● Folding sofa, bed, sitting, lying, sleeping optional
● Folding sofa bed, save time and effort, easy to fold and storage.
● Our folding bed is made of new cotton and linen.It doesn't fold, and it's stronger.
● Removable cleaning, simple and convenient, keep clean at any time.
● This product does not require installation.

dimension Β : 72, 100, 120, 150, 180
Color :
1】72cm Navy Blue (upgraded Version)
2】72cm Lake Blue (upgraded Version)
3】72cm Khaki (upgraded Version)
4】72cm Light Gray (upgraded Version)
5】100cm Navy Blue (upgraded Version)
6】100cm Lake Blue (upgraded Version)
7】100cm Khaki (upgraded Version)
8】100cm Light Gray (upgraded Version)
9】120cm Navy Blue (upgraded Version)
10】120cm Lake Blue (upgraded Version)
11】120cm Khaki (upgraded Version)
12】120cm Light Gray (upgraded Version)
13】150cm Navy Blue (upgraded Version)
14】150cm Lake Blue (upgraded Version)
15】150cm Khaki (upgraded Version)
16】150cm Light Gray (upgraded Version)
17】180 Color Remarks
18】200 Color Remarks

A difference of 1-3cm is allowed due to manual measurement.
Due to different displays and different lighting, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the project.
If there is any damage, please contact us or leave a message to the customer service staff.
We will deal with it and compensate you as soon as possible.Please don't give direct negative feedback.If you like this table, you can get five stars.
Thank you very much and enjoy your shopping.🌹Color: 1】72cm Navy Blue
2】72cm Lake Blue
3】72cm Khaki
4】72cm Light Gray
5】100cm Navy Blue
6】100cm Lake Blue
7】100cm Khaki
8】100cm Light Gray
9】120cm Navy Blue
10】120cm Lake Blue
11】120cm Khaki
12】120cm Light Gray
13】150cm Navy Blue
14】150cm Lake Blue
15】150cm Khaki
16】150cm Light Gray
17】180 Color Remarks
18】200 Color Remarks

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BEIMU Foldable Sofa Bed Modern Simple Lazy Sofa Living Room Small Apartment Multi-functional