Byto Customized Pet Fence 4cm Gap Cat Cage Free Punch Cage Cat Fence

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Logistics method:sea shipping.
Delivery time(normal): 12-25 days.
Products need to be assembled by yourself.
Please be patient and we will reply asap!
Online time:8:00-24:00(Beijing time)applicable object  : Universal
order notice
Please note three measurement data for the order
1. The distance between walls
2. The distance between the skirting line (if there is no kicking line, only the first measurement data is required)
3, the height of the kicking line

If there is no comment and do not reply one day after we contact, we will deliver the goods according to the compromise data of the order and without the kick line. If the goods are inconsistent after receiving, we will not assume responsibility

applicable size :
1】Door Width Less Than 80cm
2】Door Width 81-90cm
3】Door Width 91-100cm
4】Door Width 101-110cm
5】Door Width 111-120cm
Specs Name Description:
color classifi : color classification
applicable siz : applicable size color classifi: Height 180cm
height 190cm
height 200cm
height 210cm
height 220cm
height 230cm
height 240cm
height 250cm
order Attention!!!!
customized Contact Us
applicable siz: Door Width 111-120cm
door Width 81-90cm
door Width 101-110cm
door Width 91-100cm
door Width 80cm
Pet Type:Cat

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Byto Customized Pet Fence 4cm Gap Cat Cage Free Punch Cage Cat Fence