Cat Cage High-end Villa Solid Wood Luxury Three-storey

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color classification :
1】Medium Cat Villa Classic Black
2】Medium Cat Villa High Gray
3】Medium Cat Villa Full Moon Silver
4】Large Cat Villa Classic Black
5】Large Cat Villa High Gray
6】Large Cat Villa Full Moon Silver
7】Luxury Cat Villa a Classic Black
8】Luxury + Custom House Plate a Classic Black
9】Luxury Cat Villa b Classic Black
10】Luxury Cat Villa a High-grade Gray
11】Luxury + Custom Doorplate a High-grade Gray
12】Luxury Cat Villa b High Gray
13】Luxury Cat Villa a Full Moon Silver
14】Luxury + Custom Doorplate a Full Moon Silver
15】Luxury Cat Villa b Full Moon Silver
16】Customization 1 Customizable Style
17】Customization 2 Customizable Style
18】Customizable Acrylic Door Panel
applicable size :
1】Thickened Solid Wood Imported Oak
Specs Name Description:
color classifi : color classification
applicable siz : applicable size
Pet Type: Catcolor classifi: 1】medium Cat Villa
2】medium Cat Villa
3】medium Cat Villa
4】large Cat Villa
5】large Cat Villa
6】large Cat Villa
7】luxury Cat Villa A
8】luxury + Custom
9】luxury Cat Villa B
10】luxury Cat Villa
11】luxury + Custom
12】luxury Cat Villa
13】luxury Cat Villa
14】luxury + Custom
15】luxury Cat Villa
16】customization 1
17】customization 2
applicable siz: 1】thickened Solid
Pet Type:Reptile

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Cat Cage High-end Villa Solid Wood Luxury Three-storey