Charter Kolor 700c road bike retro variable speed bicycle students to work city men s and women car

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Brand: kolor; Speed: Other; Size: Other; Frame material: high carbon steel; Application: neutral; Color classification: Painted silver 7-speed standard.-Painted silver 7-speed medium-speed.-Painted silver 7-speed high match.-Painted silver 14-speed standard.-Painted silver 14-speed medium-speed match.-Painted silver 14-speed high match.-Tibetan cyan 7-speed standard.-Tibetan cyan 7-speed medium-speed match.-Tibetan-green 7-speed high-speed match.-Yellow 7-speed standard.-Tibetan cyan 14-speed standard.-Tibetan cyan 14-speed medium-speed.-Tibetan cyan 14-speed high-speed match.-Yellow 7-speed medium-sized.-Yellow 14-speed medium-sized.-Yellow 14-speed high match.-Yellow 14-speed standard.-Yellow 7-speed high matching;
Standard (14 speed)
Frame: KR2 high carbon steel retro road frame
Transmission: ShimanoA050 positioning finger sauce + A050+TZ40/50SIS positioning transmission (2x7 suitable)
Bottom axis: Taiwan VP/NECO bottom axis
Stem: Retro aluminum alloy gooseneck stem
Handlebar: aluminum alloy forged road handle
Seat tube: 25.4 aluminum alloy seat tube
Rim: 14mm aluminum alloy rim
Crankset: Half-aluminum two-piece road crankset
External tyre: COMPASS/UMEL EN tire
Endorrhea: Taiwanese built Dafa mouth tube
Hub: Quantum Aluminum Alloy Highway Hub
Chain; anti-rust road chain
Pedals: Taiwan Wellgo Aluminum Pedals
Brake lever: main brake lever + auxiliary brake lever
Brake: Aluminum alloy 3-piece road V brake
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Bicycle Type: Race BikesVariation: Silver 14 High
silver 7 Speed
silver 14 Speed
cyan 14 High
yellow 14 High
cyan 14 Medium
cyan 14 Speed
cyan 7 High
yellow 7 Medium
yellow 14 Medium
yellow 14 Speed
silver 14 Medium
silver 7 Medium
silver 7 High
cyan 7 Medium
cyan 7 Speed
yellow 7-speed High
yellow 7 Speed
Bicycle Type:Children Bikes

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Charter Kolor 700c road bike retro variable speed bicycle students to work city men s and women car