Desiny Ergonomic Chair Breathable Office Chair Home Office Chair Can move Study chair

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Remastered Aeron is five feet, a total have three kinds feet, graphite and carbon are nylon feet, if you need steel feet of this two color,you can contact our customer service. The mineral is steel feet but is matte, and the chair With Chrome meaning is steel feet and a polished finish.And The chair all have lumbar support If you have any question please contact our customer service,we will look forward for your message.

✅ Made in USA
✅ Size A/B/C
✅ Color: 8Z Pellicle Graphite Chassis / Carbon /Mineral
✅ Finish: Graphite Chassis / Carbon/ Mineral
✅ Base Finish: Graphite/ carbon
✅ Base Tilt: Tilt Limiter fully loaded
✅ Arms: Height plus Pivot Adjustable plus forward/backward adjustment
✅ Arms Armpads: fully loaded Armpads
✅ Back Support: Adjustable PostureFit SL  
✅ Support Casters: 2.5-inch Standard Carpet Casters
✅ Bulk corporate orders are welcomed

Key Benefits:

• Stay Cool: By doing away with foam and fabric, Aeron solved one of prolonged sitting’s biggest predicaments: the buildup of heat and humidity close to the body. Pellicle allows air, body heat, and water vapor to pass through the seat and backrest to help maintain even and comfortable skin temperatures.

• Get into the Zones: Pellicle, the innovative, elastomeric suspension of the Aeron Chair, eliminated circulation-restricting pressure points and stretched the boundaries of material design. New 8Z Pellicle pushes the material to a whole new zone—eight of them. Across the seat and back, eight latitudinal zones of varying tension—tightest at the edges and more forgiving where the body makes contact—envelope the sitter, and deliver increased comfort and ergonomic support.

• Cross Performance Design: For individuals sitting in Aeron, cross-performance design means the chair fully accommodates the widest possible range of activities and postures people adopt while working—from intense forward-facing focus to relaxed contemplative recline. For designers and organizations, cross-performance makes Aeron suitable for a wide array of workplace settings—from residential workpoints to shared workshops.

• Designed for the Environment: Aeron is 53% recycled content (and is 89% recyclable), with all urethane, neoprene, and methylene chloride removed.
Foldable Furniture: No
Chair Type: Office ChairsColor: Graphite Nylon
carbon Nylon
mineral Steel Feet
mineral with Chrome
graphite with Chrome
carbon with Chrome
black Forerake
Size: C
Foldable Furniture:No
Chair Type:Bar Chairs

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Desiny Ergonomic Chair Breathable Office Chair Home Office Chair Can move Study chair