Dumbbell Home Gym Fitness Equipment

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Customizable weight in a five-pound increases

Resistance preparing from 10 to 90 pounds for each dumbbell

Save space and costs

Fabricated to last longer

Durable molding surrounds the metal plates to create smooth and quiet lift off

Suitable for basic toning and strength exercises and heavy leg lifts

Ideal for learners and wellness lovers

Suitable for light training at home

Recommended exercises with this equipment:
LEGS- wide squats, side lunges, reverse lunges and calf raises

BACK- deadlift, wide row, alternating rows

CHEST- flat chest press, decline chest press, and flat fly

ABS- ab crunch, lying leg raise, lying trunk rotation

SHOULDER- standing shoulder press, seated overhead press, front raise, shrugs, and lateral raise

ARMS- triceps kickback, scott curls, hammer curls, concentration curls, incline bench curls, overhead triceps extenions

* 1 unit of stainless steel stand can hold 2 units (a pair) of dumbbells*Weight: 24kg
stainlesssteel Stand
Unit (s): 2 Units
1 Unit

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Dumbbell Home Gym Fitness Equipment