Exercise Bar Adjustable Door Pull Up Bars No Screw No Drilling

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📌 Available in 2 different lengths - Please choose the correct length
⭐ STANDARD EDITION - Length 62cm; extendable to 100cm
⭐ LONG EDITION - Length 82cm; extendable to 130cm

✅ New Model - Super Long Foam Grips for Maximum Comfort

✅ Super Long Grip enables you to perform multiple / variety grip exercises (narrow grip, wide grip, pull up grip, chin up grip etc)

✅ Every user has a different shoulder width and the Super Long Grip will cater for the different user shoulder width when performing narrow or wide grip pull up / chin up

✅ Each foam grip length: 23cm

✅ NO Drilling Required

✅ Black color as per picture

✅ Easy installation and storage. View installation video at

✅ Optional rubber studs and screws provided, but it is not necessary to be used

✅ Fast Shipment from Singapore 🚚

⚠️ Please measure your doorway or wall-way properly prior to ordering to decide whether to get the Standard Edition (62-100cm) or the Long Edition (82-130cm) as there will be no exchange of size allowed

⭐ Step 1: Fit the bar in-between the doorway by rotating the side disc.
⭐ Step 2: Grab the main foam grip using 2 hands in a pull up position (but dont do pull up at this stage coz it will slip down).
⭐ Step 3: While grabbing the foam grip using 2 hands, rotate it to tighten the bar until maximum, you will feel the bar is getting sturdier when you rotate the bar.
⭐View installation video at

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long Edition

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Exercise Bar Adjustable Door Pull Up Bars No Screw No Drilling