Flower stand 5 Tier Stair Style Metal Plant Stand Indoor and Outdoor Flower Rack Home Iron Storage

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❶Weighing Due to Manual Weighing, Different Weighing Methods and Tools, There May Be Slight Deviation between Size and Weight.
❷As Shot Light, Different Angles and Display Screens, The Picture May Be Different from the Actual Color of the Product., The Actual Color Is Subject to the Product Received.
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❻Please keep in mind that we will ship your items by sea, and you will receive your parcel in about 3-4 weeks.
1】Three Layer White Frame 50-69
2】Three Layer Black Frame 50-69
3】Three Layer White Frame 60-69
4】Three Layer Black Frame 60-69
5】Four Story White Frame 50-97
6】Four Layer Black Frame 50-97
7】Four Story White Frame 60-97
8】Four Layer Black Frame 60-97
9】Five Story White Frame 50-120
10】Five Layer Black Frame 50-120
11】Five Story White Frame 60-120
12】Five Layer Black Frame 60-120
13】Five Story White Frame 50-150
14】Five Layer Black Frame 50-150
15】Five Story White Frame 60-150
16】Five Layer Black Frame 60-150
Color: 1】white Frame 50x30x69cm
2】black Frame 50x30x69cm
3】white Frame 60x30x69cm
4】black Frame 60x30x69cm
5】white Frame 50x30x97cm
6】black Frame 50x30x97cm
7】white Frame 60x30x97cm
8】black Frame 60x30x97cm
9】white Frame 50x30x120cm
10】black Frame 50x30x120cm
11】white Frame 60x30x120cm
12】black Frame 60x30x120cm
13】white Frame 50x30x150cm
14】black Frame 50x30x150cm
15】white Frame 60x30x150cm
16】black Frame 60x30x150cm
17】white 30x15cm

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Flower stand 5 Tier Stair Style Metal Plant Stand Indoor and Outdoor Flower Rack Home Iron Storage