Foldable Bicycle Shimano 24/26 Inch Mountain Bike

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✨Size: 24/26 inches. The default is 26 inches, 24 inches please note
24 inches: Recommended height below 1.65m
26 inches: Recommended height is above 1.65m
✨Gear: Shimano
-Material: high carbon steel
-Brake type : Front and rear mechanical disc brakes
-Frame type : Soft Tail Frame
-Front fork type : Spring Fork (low Gear Without Damping)
-Weight capacity: 150kg
-Bicycle Weight: 15KG-16KG
-Installation instructions: We have installed 90% of them, and we only need to install the handlebars, front wheels, pedals, and seats ourselves
-Delivery time is about 11-25 days
-Follow the store to enjoy the exclusive discount and place an order at a lower price 🎁
Bicycle Type: Folding BikesColor: Black Spoke Wheel
yellow Spoke Wheel
red Spoke Wheel
black 3-blade Wheel
yellow 3-blade Wheel
red 3-blade Wheel
black 6-blade Wheel
yellow 6-blade Wheel
red 6-blade Wheel
black 10-blade Wheel
yellow 10-blade Wheel
red 10-blade Wheel
Speed: 27 Speed
24 Speed
21 Speed
Bicycle Type:Children Bikes

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Foldable Bicycle Shimano 24/26 Inch Mountain Bike