Foldable Pet Stroller Dog Detachable Cart with 4 Wheels

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Online time:8:00-24:00(Beijing time)applicable object  : Universal
space size : 55cm*35cm
car receiving method : Rotary One-button Car Collection
wheel  : High-strength Eva Benz Wheel
net Weight : 5kg
color classification :
1】Black + Rain Cover
2】Red + Rain Cover
3】Purple + Rain Cover
4】Dark Blue + Rain Cover
5】Coffee + Rain Cover
6】Sky Blue Wave Point + Rain Cover
7】Black Wave Point + Rain Cover
8】Pink + Rain Cover
9】Flax Rose Red + Rain Cover
10】Linen Denim Blue + Rain Cover
11】Linen Smoke Gray + Rain Cover
12】Leopard Print + Rain Cover
13】Black + Rain Cover + Fan
14】Pink + Rain Cover + Fan
15】Red + Rain Cover + Fan
16】Dark Blue + Rain Cover + Fan
17】Dark Purple + Rain Cover + Fan
18】Brown + Rain Cover + Fan
19】Black Wave Point + Rain Cover + Fan
20】Linen Denim Blue + Rain Cover + Fan

Travel Type: Strollerscolor classifi: A1 Black
a2 Red
a3 Purple
a4 Dark Blue
a5 Coffee
a6 Blue Wave Point
a7 Black Wave Point
a9 Flax Rose Red
a10 Linen Denim Blue
a11 Linen Smoke Gray
a12 Leopard Print
b1 Black
b2 Pink
b3 Red
b4 Dark Blue
b5 Dark Purple
b6 Brown
b7 Black Wave Point
b8 Linen Denim Blue
storage Bag
Travel Type:Carriers

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Foldable Pet Stroller Dog Detachable Cart with 4 Wheels