Fully Automatic Mahjong Table Household Electric Foldable Table Roller Coaster Intelligent Silent

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📢Product description:
NEW: 2021 Upgraded Version Automatic Foldable Mahjong table
Continuing our promise to deliver quality and affordable range of automatic Mahjong table. We are pleased to introduce the latest product on the market - The 2021 Upgraded Version Automatic Foldable Mahjong Table
-Arrival in about 15-25 days

As part of the deal, you will receive the following:
🎲Two dice are given by default. If you need three dice, please place an order for remarks.
• 1 x Automatic Foldable Mahjong Table
• 2 x set of 152 mahjong tiles with animal and Fei
• the size of the mahjong tiles is 40mm
• Mahjong tables are generally divided into four packages📦📦📦📦. Due to different delivery times, they may not be received at the same time. Please don’t worry
• One-year warranty, We have installation video. we provide online video guidance, If the part is damaged under normal use, we will reissue it for you

- [ ] Thick cushioned drum for less vibration
- [ ] In built USB ports, ashtray, drink holder and cash drawer
- [ ] Wider and flatter control panel for better gaming experience
- [ ] Quality finish of the casing for the posh look that will fit any household

This is the professional grade automatic mahjong table, the ones you see in casino or club house (maybe not yet, because it is too new!). Ideal for existing auto mahjong table owner who is looking for upgrade or a novelty product to host your friends and families at home.
• Free transport to home, we have professional workers to provide on-site installation services, Please contact the installer
• If you have after-sales problems, please do not apply for a refund immediately. After-sales questions can contact technical staff

We have personally sold and delivered many sets of automatic mahjong tables! Buy with confidence.

Table Type: Others
Foldable Furniture: Nocolor: New Folding Q8 Gold
new Folding Q8 Red
folding Jinlan T3 Gold
folding Jinlan T3 Blue
folding Jinlan T3 Red
table Roller Coaster Q5 Gold
table Roller Coaster Q5 Red
table No.31 Red
table No.31 Gold
dining Table No.25 Gold
dining Table No.19 White
roller Coaster 5 Gold
roller Coaster 5 Red
electric Folding No. 10 Blue
electric Folding No. 10 Gold
column K2 Foot
folding Heating No. 10 Gold
silent Silent Rotating Table
table Four Mouth
dual-purpose Dining Table Red
folding Red with Cover
folding Gold with Cover
Foldable Furniture:No
Table Type:Office Tables

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Fully Automatic Mahjong Table Household Electric Foldable Table Roller Coaster Intelligent Silent