Iron File Data Wuhan Financial Voucher Cabinet, Office Cabinet

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function  : Fireproof Glass Door with Drawer
material  : Steel
packing size  : 1800x850x390
layers  : 5-layer
Cabinet type : Rack File Cabinet Floor File Cabinet Mobile Cabinet
length  : 85cm
1】Figure 7: Five Bucket File Cabinet
2】Fig. 11 Lower Cabinet of Two Bucket
3】Fig. 5 Five Section Cabinet
4】Figure 12 Two Door Equivalent File Cabinet
5】Figure 12 Double Section Lower Cabinet
6】Fig. 6 Partial Three Bucket Internal Protection File Cabinet
7】Fig. 1 Large File Cabinet
8】Figure Eight Glass Filing Cabinet
9】Fig. 4 Two Bucket Iron File Cabinet
10】Figure 3 File Cabinet of Dipper
11】Fig. File Cabinet of Second-class Container
12】Figure Jiutong Double File Cabinet
13】Figure 13 Voucher Cabinetcolor: 1】figure 7: Five
2】fig. 11 Lower
3】fig. 5 Five Sectio
4】figure 12 Two Door
thickness: 0.7mm
Paper Organizer Type:Binders

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Iron File Data Wuhan Financial Voucher Cabinet, Office Cabinet