Marble Bathroom Cabinet Combination Intelligent Modern Simple Toilet Light Luxury Sink Wash Face

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model ย : Yj023
material ย : Other
style ย : Simple And Modern
province : Zhejiang Province
cities ย : Hangzhou
city service ย : City Logistics Door-to-door Delivery
surface process ย : Tablet
environmental level : E0-level
combination form ย : Including Mirror Cabinet with Bathroom, Faucet And Matching Basin
whether Mirror lamp is included ย : Do Not Contain
table type ย : Marble Table Top
length ย : 61cm (inclusive) - 90cm (inclusive)
color classification :
1ใ€‘0.6 m Intelligent Mirror Cabinet
2ใ€‘0.7 m Intelligent Mirror Cabinet
3ใ€‘0.8 m Intelligent Mirror Cabinet
4ใ€‘0.9 m Intelligent Mirror Cabinet
5ใ€‘1.0 m Intelligent Mirror Cabinet
6ใ€‘1.2 m Intelligent Mirror Cabinet
7ใ€‘0.6m Storage Mirror Cabinet
8ใ€‘0.7m Storage Mirror Cabinet
9ใ€‘1.1m Smart Mirror Cabinet
10ใ€‘0.6m Smart Square Mirror
11ใ€‘0.7m Smart Square Mirror
12ใ€‘0.8m Smart Square Mirror
13ใ€‘0.9m Smart Square Mirror
14ใ€‘1.0 m Smart Square Mirror
15ใ€‘1.2m Smart Square Mirror
16ใ€‘0.8m Storage Mirror Cabinet
17ใ€‘0.9m Storage Mirror Cabinet
18ใ€‘1.0 m Storage Mirror Cabinet
19ใ€‘1.2m Storage Mirror Cabinet
20ใ€‘1.1m Storage Mirror Cabinet
Specs Name Description:
color classifi : color classification color classifi: 1ใ€‘0.6 m Intelligent
2ใ€‘0.7 m Intelligent
3ใ€‘0.8 m Intelligent
4ใ€‘0.9 m Intelligent
5ใ€‘1.0 m Intelligent
6ใ€‘1.2 m Intelligent
7ใ€‘0.6m Storage Mirro
8ใ€‘0.7m Storage Mirro
9ใ€‘1.1m Smart Mirror
10ใ€‘0.6m Smart Square
11ใ€‘0.7m Smart Square
12ใ€‘0.8m Smart Square
13ใ€‘0.9m Smart Square
14ใ€‘1.0 m Smart Squar
15ใ€‘1.2m Smart Square
16ใ€‘0.8m Storage Mirr
17ใ€‘0.9m Storage Mirr
18ใ€‘1.0 m Storage
19ใ€‘1.2m Storage Mirr
20ใ€‘1.1m Storage Mirr
Bathroom Storage Type:Cabinet

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Marble Bathroom Cabinet Combination Intelligent Modern Simple Toilet Light Luxury Sink Wash Face