Nordic Folding Sofa Bed, Multifunctional Living Room, Lazy Sofa, Storage Sofa

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Warranty Duration: 3 Months
Warranty Type: Supplier Warranty
Antique Collection: Yes
Upholstery: Suede
Country of Origin: America
Foldable Furniture: Yes
Number of Seats: 6color: 1.25m Environmenta+a
1.45m Environmenta+a
1.65m Environmenta+a
1.85m Environmenta+a
2.05m Environmenta+a
1.25m Three Side+b
1.45m Three Side+b
1.65m Three Side+b
1.85m Three Side+b
2.05m Three Side+b
1.25m Three Side+c
1.45m Three Side+c
1.65m Three Side+c
1.85m Three Side+c
2.05m Three Side+c
Package length: 1.5 m -1.8 m

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Nordic Folding Sofa Bed, Multifunctional Living Room, Lazy Sofa, Storage Sofa