Nordic modern dining chair fashion waterproof dressing chair modern back chair PU leather dining

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❗: The minimum order quantity is 2 chairs! 2 chairs or more than 2 chairs have a better price
Due to transportation and packaging reasons, the two chairs will be more secure and stable when packed. In order for you to receive the most perfect product, please purchase at least 2 chairs before we will ship it for you.
Product parameters:
Model: Eight-legged chair
Material: wood
Wood material: oak
Style: Nordic
Gross weight: 7kg
Wiener material: leather
Leather decorative surface craft: soft surface
Backrest height: 82cm
1. 1-2 days delivery time (except for pre-ordered goods) and 10-15 days delivery time.
2. If you have not received the goods 15 days after delivery, please contact us.
♥After purchase
①Dear friend, when you receive our product, if there is any damage, please do not give me a bad review, please contact us immediately, we will reissue the damaged parts or other solutions for you, thank you for your understanding!
②Dear friends, when your parcel is finally delivered, please keep your mobile phone online. Our delivery staff will call or text you. Please make sure our delivery staff can contact you. Thanks!
③Dear friend, we will ship this chair separately. The chair cushion is a bag, and the chair legs are a bag. When you receive a package, the other package will be delivered to you within 3 days.
❗: Recently, some illegal businesses have stolen my pictures and information. Buyers are advised to choose carefully. If you want to buy, just take a look at the comments of friends who have already purchased. The same picture does not represent the same quality and service. If you want to buy, why not choose the best?
Warranty Duration: 6 Months
Warranty Type: Manufacturer Warranty
Assembly: Assembly Required
Antique Collection: Yes
Material: Wood
Foldable Furniture: No
Chair Type: Dining Chairs
Chair Back Height: High Back
Stool Height: Tall
Chair Arms: Armless
Chair Design: Lounge Chair
Number of Seats: 1
Country of Origin: China
Dimension (L x W x H): 520*540*830colour: 1】 Black + Grey Leather
2】 Black + Light Grey Leather
3】 Black + Dark Grey Leather
4】 Black + Dark Brown Leather
5】 Black + Green Leather
6】 Black + Orange Peel
7】 Black + Yellow Leather
8】 Walnut + Khaki Skin
9】 Walnut + Light Gray Skin
10】 Walnut + Dark Gray Skin
11】 Walnut + Beige Skin
12】 Walnut + Green Skin
13】 Walnut + Black Coffee Peel
14】walnut + Grey Leather (up)
15】 Walnut + Khaki Skin (up)
16】walnut + Light Gray (up)
17】walnut + Beige Leather (up)
all Black+black Leg(steel Leg)
all Grey+black Leg(steel Leg)
all Black+gold Leg(steel Leg)
beige&gray+gold Leg(steel Leg)
brown&gray+gold Leg(steel Leg)
beige+gold Leg(steel Leg)
brown&grey+black Leg(steel Leg
dining Chair
Foldable Furniture:No
Chair Type:Bar Chairs

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Nordic modern dining chair fashion waterproof dressing chair modern back chair PU leather dining