OROR Ceiling Fan With Led Light 48"/52" Ceiling Fan 3 Tone LED Light Remote Control

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*****Price Not Included Installation*****
The following information is required for installation
1. Is the ceiling concrete or false
2. The ceiling height
3.Is the existing lighting point using normal on/off switch only and not link to any smart switch or wall regulator
4. Check whether the old lamp or fan needs to be removed
💰💰INSTALLATION FEE:💰50SGD for each one paid onsite(Under 3m height&Concrete ceiling&Normal switch&No remove old fan)

✔️ DC Motor
Hard to fall asleep due to the sound when the fan is turning at high speed? DC motor is much more silent compared to an AC motor. Hence you can have a better quality of sleep. Furthermore, the energy consumptions are at least 50% lesser compared to the AC motor. In return, it lowers your electrical bills.
In short, save more electricity = save more money in your pocket!!

✔️Equip with Remote Control
All our models come with a remote control to allow you to be in control to set the speed of the fan or the LED light at your own comfort. Whether you are sitting on your sofa watching TV or lying on your bed preparing to sleep, the remote control can be placed within your reach and be in control on how you want your fan to operate.

✔️ LED Light Kit
All our models come with LED 3-Tone Light kit. You can interchange the tone easily by using your remote control. As the 3-tone LED comes with Day Light, Warm White and Cool White..

✔️Local warranty.
Fear not! Local agent available in Singapore to get you covered.5 YEAR WARRANTY

Brand - OROR
Size - 48 Inch , 52 Inch
Colour - Black, White, Wood

3 sizes to choose from : 48/52 inches
3 colours to choose from : White / Black / Wood
6-speed remote control
Light Kit : **24W LED – Tri-colour**
• Cheapest In Singapore
• Remote Control
• DC Brushless Moror
• ABS Blade
• Super Silent Motor
• Enegry Savings
• LED (Day/Warm/Cool White)
• 6 Speed (Reversible)
• Available 48" 52"

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OROR Ceiling Fan With Led Light 48"/52" Ceiling Fan 3 Tone LED Light Remote Control