Philip Mountain Bike 27/30 Speed 26/29 Inch Bicycle Aluminum Alloy Frame Shock Absorber Bike Into

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Pro, the bicycle belongs to a large item,During transportation, small bumps and slight scratches are unavoidable,If the product does not affect the useNot as a quality problem to do return reason.Please understand more. When signing, be sure to open it in front of the express. If you encounter serious damage and parts loss, take a photo and leave a message to the online customer service. We will reissue it for you after identification.
Reminder before installation
If you receive it, you need to find a professional mechanic to install it. There is no need to find a car shop. The charge of the car shop is relatively expensive, and it will change to sell to customers, or even maliciously belittle the car you buy. During the installation, the customer is advised to say that it was sent by a friend, so as not to mislead the consumer by the car repairman. If there is no local car repairman, please see the installation and tips before you start the installation, and our shop will provide technical guidance.
Shopping security
Our shop is a shop. All the after-sales services are in accordance with the three guarantees of bicycles. We guarantee to enjoy high-quality pre-sales and after-sales services. Our shop is fully responsible for the after-sales services.
About configuration
Due to different production batches, some parts may be changed without further notice.Random delivery of tires (including Wanda, Chaoyang, Jianda and Zhengxin) and random delivery of tires (including micro rotation and micro exhibition).We promise: if there is any change, we will use the same or better configuration. In addition, if all the protective parts of the car body are damaged or missing, they can be thrown away. They will not be sent separately and will not be used as a reason for return or replacement.
Installation instructions
The customer received a story that the bicycles were not paired and installed. Because the products are updated quickly, they will be updated in half a month, so it is impossible for every bicycle to have a manual and the style to be installed. You must see it before you install it.
About installation
For the convenience of packing, customers need to install the remaining parts, tire inflation, fine-tuning brake speed, etc. Although the installation is not difficult, it is recommended that non professional drivers find a car repair master to debug, so as to avoid accidents. Professional drivers please check carefully and then start the installation. Please do not worry.
Remote areas or outside the scope of delivery, customers may need to go to the nearest online store to pick up, mind taking photos carefully, delivery time of large items is relatively slow, please contact online Wangwang customer service for urgent items and purchase after clear communication
Deliver goods
After the customer places an order, we will print the express bill according to the customer information (the delivery is displayed at this time), and t
Weight: 10g
Warranty Duration: 2 Months
Warranty Type: Manufacturer Warranty
Bicycle Type: Mountain Bikes
Age Group: Adults
Number of Speeds: 3Color: Light Gray
Size: 29 Inch 27 Speed
26 Inch 27 Speed
29 Inch 30 Speed
26 Inch 30 Speed

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Philip Mountain Bike 27/30 Speed 26/29 Inch Bicycle Aluminum Alloy Frame Shock Absorber Bike Into