Phoenix Foldable Bicycle 7-speed Variable Speed Folding Bike High Carbon Steel Double Disc Brake

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Brand: Phoenix
Size: 16/20 inches
Gender: General
Speed: 7 speed
Frame material: high carbon steel
Bearing weight: 180kg
Drive height: 120cm-180cm
Pedal type: ordinary pedal
Wheel size: 20 inches (long-distance riding)
Brake type: front and rear mechanical disc brakes

A: spoke wheel
B: Three knives combined into one
C: Five knives combined into one

[Gift Packaging:]
1x thickened steel basket
1X rear seat
1X bicycle flashlight.
1X chain oil
1X flash
1X anti-theft car lock
1X bicycle bell
1X pump
1X rear seat foot post
1X Multifunction Wrench
1X bottle cage
1X storage bag
1X installation tool
1X mudguard
1X Cartoon Sticker
1X three months warranty
[Note:] Free gift packaging without special packaging.
[About after-sales]
Free replacement of damaged parts, please contact customer service in time

The pedal L is on the left and R is on the right. Just tighten it toward the handlebar.
Each option has a corresponding picture, and the appearance on the picture is the actual appearance of the product.
If you do not understand, you can consult us. We will answer all your questions.
📢: When leaving the factory, all bicycles have been assembled and debugged. We will try our best to wrap the bicycle with plastic wrapping paper to prevent scratches. However, during transportation, it may occasionally scratch the ground. If this is the main problem, we will not sell. For customers who cannot tolerate any scratches, it is recommended that you collect them yourself or buy them from physical stores. You can check each bicycle carefully by stepping on it. Thank you for your understanding.
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Bicycle Type: Folding BikesVariation: Special Offer Black
white Single Speed-a
black Single Speed-a
white Variable Speed-a
black Variable Speed-a
white Single Speed-b
black Single Speed-b
white Variable Speed-b
black Variable Speed-b
white Single Speed-c
black Single Speed-c
🔥white Variable Speed-c
🔥black Variable Speed-c
👶front Seat👶
Size: 20 Inches
16 Inches
Bicycle Type:Children Bikes

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Phoenix Foldable Bicycle 7-speed Variable Speed Folding Bike High Carbon Steel Double Disc Brake