Seamless Solid Wood Storage Bedroom Simple Bedside Table Ultra Narrow-band Door Chest of Drawers

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model  : 300
material  : Wooden
wood material  : Paulownia Wood
style  : European-style
gross weight  : 8
number of doors  : Single-door
additional functions  : Multi-function
applicable object  : Adult
furniture structure  : Framework Structure
cities  : Heze City
counties  : Cao County
whether to assemble  : Ready
design element  : Master Design
style positioning  : Budget
installation Instructions  : No Installation Instructions
color classification :
1】White, 30-35-60 High
2】White Two-drawer One 30-35-74 High
3】White Three-drawer Door 30-35-87 High
4】White Four-drawer Door 30-35-101 High
5】White Five-drawer Door 30-35-115 High
6】Gray And Blue, 30-35-60 High
7】Gray And Blue Two-drawer Door 30-35-74 High
8】Gray-blue Three-drawer Door 30-35-87 High
9】Gray Blue Four-drawer Door 30-35-101 High
10】Gray Blue Five-drawer Door 30-35-115 High
12】Length 36 Color Three Pumping 36-30-50 Height
13】Length 36 Color Four Pumping 36-30-64 Height
14】Long 36 Color Five Pumping 36-30-78 High
15】Long 36 White Three-drawer 36-30-50 High
16】Long 36 White Four-drawer 36-30-64 High
17】Long 36 White Five-drawer 36-30-78 High
18】Length 42 White Three Drawers 42-32-50 High
19】Length 42 White Four Drawers 42-32-64 Height
20】Length 42 White Five Pumping 42-32-78 High
Specs Name Description:
installation m : installation method
color classifi : color classification color classifi: 1】white 30-35-60 Hi
2】white Two-drawer
3】white Three-drawer
4】white Four-drawer
5】white Five-drawer
6】gray And Blue
7】gray And Blue
9】gray Blue
10】gray Blue
12】length 36 Color
13】length 36 Color
14】long 36 Color Fiv
15】long 36 White
16】long 36 White
17】long 36 White
18】length 42 White
19】length 42 White
20】length 42 White
installation m: Ready

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Seamless Solid Wood Storage Bedroom Simple Bedside Table Ultra Narrow-band Door Chest of Drawers