SENBIJU Home Corner L-shaped Desk Modern Minimalist Bedroom Computer Table

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Please note the color when placing an order, the default is light walnut
1.The delivery time of all products is about 7 days, If it is a customized product, it takes longer
2.The shipping time will take11-25 days.
3. All products need to be installed by yourself!

Color :
1.120x80 Left Turn Color Remarks
2.120x80 Turn Right Color Remarks
3.120x100 Left Turn Color Remarks
4.120x100 Turn Right Color Remarks
5.120x120 Left Turn Color Remarks
6.120x120 Turn Right Color Remarks
7.140x80 Left Turn Color Remarks
8.140x80 Turn Right Color Remarks
9.140x100 Left Turn Color Remarks
10.140x100 Turn Right Color Remarks
11.140x120 Left Turn Color Remarks
12.140x120 Turn Right Color Remarks
13.160x80 Left Turn Color Remarks
14.160x80 Turn Right Color Remarks
15.160x100 Left Turn Color Remarks
16.160x100 Turn Right Color Remarks
17.160x120 Left Turn Color Remarks
18.160x120 Turn Right Color Remarks
19.180x80 Left Turn Color Remarks
20.180x80 Turn Right Color Remarks

Table Type: Office Tables
Foldable Furniture: NoColor: 1#120x80 Left Turn
2#120x80 Turn Right
3#120x100 Left Turn
4#120x100 Turn Right
5#120x120 Left Turn
6#120x120 Turn Right
7#140x80 Left Turn
8#140x80 Turn Right
9#140x100 Left Turn
10#140x100 Turn Righ
11#140x120 Left Turn
12#140x120 Turn Righ
13#160x80 Left Turn
14#160x80 Turn Right
15#160x100 Left Turn
16#160x100 Turn Righ
17#160x120 Left Turn
18#160x120 Turn Righ
19#180x80 Left Turn
20# 80x40x75cm
Foldable Furniture:No
Table Type:Office Tables

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SENBIJU Home Corner L-shaped Desk Modern Minimalist Bedroom Computer Table