Sideboard Cabinet Simple Modern Kitchen Cabinet Living Storage Cabinet High Capacity

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material:Wood-based Panel
Types of wood based panels:Particleboard/melamine Board
Style:Nordic Style
Height:900mm And Above
additional functions:Storage
Number of drawers:0 a
origin:Jiang Su Province
cities:Xuzhou City
counties:Suining County
1】Double Door 80 Cm Long Warm White
2】Double Door 80 Cm Long Light Walnut
3】Double Door 80 Cm Long Teak
4】Double Door 1m Long Warm White
5】Double Door 1m Long Light Walnut
6】Double Door 1 Meter Long Teak Color
7】4 Doors 1.2m Long Warm White
8】4 Doors 1.2m Long Light Walnut
9】4 Doors 1.2m Long Teak
10】4 Doors 1.4m Long Warm White
11】4 Doors 1.4m Long Light Walnut
12】4 Doors 1.4m Long Teak
13】4 Doors 1.6m Long Warm White
14】4 Doors 1.6m Long Light Walnut
15】4 Doors 1.6m Long Teak
16】6 Doors 1.8m Long Warm White
17】6 Doors 1.8m Long Light Walnut
18】6 Doors 1.8m Long Teak
19】Custom Size
Specs Name Description
Number of gate:Number of gates
Selection Description:

1#1】Double Door 80 Cm Long Warm
2#2】Double Door 80 Cm Long Light
3#3】Double Door 80 Cm Long Teak
4#4】Double Door 1m Long Warm Whi
5#5】Double Door 1m Long Light
6#6】Double Door 1 Meter Long Tea
7#7】4 Doors 1.2m Long Warm White
8#8】4 Doors 1.2m Long Light Waln
9#9】4 Doors 1.2m Long Teak
10#10】4 Doors 1.4m Long Warm Whit
11#11】4 Doors 1.4m Long Light Wal
12#12】4 Doors 1.4m Long Teak
13#13】4 Doors 1.6m Long Warm Whit
14#14】4 Doors 1.6m Long Light Wal
15#15】4 Doors 1.6m Long Teak
16#16】6 Doors 1.8m Long Warm Whit
17#17】6 Doors 1.8m Long Light Wal
18#18】6 Doors 1.8m Long Teak
19#19】Custom Size
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💕Please allow slight dimension difference due to different manual measurement.
💕a free replacement for the damaged part.
💕return for a refund only if we have confirmed that the goods
Seasonal Decoration:No
Seasonal Decoration:No

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Sideboard Cabinet Simple Modern Kitchen Cabinet Living Storage Cabinet High Capacity