Simple Coffee Table Black Oak Grain Can Lift Coffee Table Large And Small Living Room Storage Can Be

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Warranty Duration: 3 Months
Warranty Type: Supplier Warranty
Assembly: Assembly Required
Antique Collection: No
Material: Metal
Country of Origin: China
Table Type: Coffee Tables
Foldable Furniture: YesColor: 100Γ—75Γ—36cm Black
130Γ—75Γ—36cm Black
110Γ—75Γ—36 Black+wood
130Γ—75Γ—36 Black+wood
100Γ—75Γ—36 Wood+black
130Γ—75Γ—36 Wood+black
120x70x36cm Black
140x80x36cm Black
120Γ—70Γ—36 Black+wood
140Γ—80Γ—36 Black+wood
120Γ—70Γ—36 Wood+black
140Γ—80Γ—36 Wood+black
110Γ—75Γ—36 Black+gray
120Γ—70Γ—36 Black+gray
130Γ—75Γ—36 Black+gray
140Γ—80Γ—36 Black+gray
Foldable Furniture:No
Table Type:Office Tables

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Simple Coffee Table Black Oak Grain Can Lift Coffee Table Large And Small Living Room Storage Can Be