Simple Kitchen Cabinet Stainless Steel Storage Table

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Color classification :
1.80x50 flat
2.80x 50 two-door table opening
3.80x50 two drawers
4.80x50 double-door left single basin
5.80x50 double-door right  single basin
6.80x50 two basins
7.100x 50 big two-door flat
8.100x50 single basin
9.120x50 three-door flat
10.120x 50 three-door table opening
11.120x 50 three-door double pumping
12.120x50 three-door left dan pen
13.120x50 three-door right dan pen
14.120x 50 three doors left double basin
15.120x50 three-door right double basin
16.160x50 four-door flat
17.160x 50 four-door double pumping
18.160x50 right single basin
19.160x50 two basins
20.80x 50 two-door gas tank
color classifi: 1.80x50 Flat
2.80x 50 Stove Hole
3.80x50 Two Drawer
4.80x50left Basin
5.80x50right Basin
6.80x50 Two Basins
7.100x 50 Flat
8.100x50single Basin
9.120x50 Three-door
10.120x 50 Flat
11.120x50 Two Drawer
12.120x50 Left Basin
13.120x50right Basin
14.120x 50two Basins
15.120x50 Two Basins
16.160x50 Flat
17.160x 50twodrawers
18.160x50right Basin
19.160x50two Basins
20.80x 50 Gas Stove

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Simple Kitchen Cabinet Stainless Steel Storage Table