Solid Wood Cat Cage Villa Super Large Luxury Cat House

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1. Solid wood frame, tempered glass high transparent door panel
The solid wood surface is thickened, the texture is beautiful, the color difference is small, and there is no stutter
2. The entrance of multi-storey buildings is set to facilitate access and increase interest
3. Fence pattern on both sides of side ventilation wall Fence pattern on both sides
4. Waterproof, environmentally friendly, healthy, easy to clean, water stains can be easily wiped off.
5. Large space, practical and beautiful, including: 2 cat dens, eating area, cat litter box, and other necessary life red arrows. Recreational facilities such as climbing ladders, flower fences, cat scratching column suspension bridges are available for multiple cats to move freely.
6. High transparent tempered glass, thickened tempered glass, not easy to break. won't hurt the cat
7. High-quality mute hinges, quiet and no noise, the cabinet door opens and closes smoothly
Mh1 Waterproof Board 60x60x120cm
Mh2 Waterproof Board 90x60x90cm
Mh3 Waterproof Board 90x60x120cm
Mh5 Waterproof Board 90x60x120cm
Mh6 Waterproof Board 90x60x150cm
Mh7 Waterproof Board 90x60x150cm
Mh8 Waterproof Board 120x60x120cm
Mh9 Waterproof Board 120x60x120cm
Mh10 Waterproof Board 90x60x120
C5 Waterproof Board 120x60x120cm
C6 Waterproof Board 120x60x120cm
L5 Waterproof Board 60x60120cm
L6 Waterproof Board 90x60x90cm
L7 Waterproof Board 90x60x120cm
L8 Waterproof Board 90x60x150cm
Pet Type: Catmodel: Mh1 60x60x120cm
mh2 90x60x90cm
mh3 90x60x120cm
mh5 90x60x120cm
🔥mh6 90x60x150cm
🔥mh7 90x60x150cm
🔥mh8 120x60x120cm
🔥mh9 120x60x120cm
c2 120x60x120cm👍
c 120x60x120cm🔥
l5 60x60120cm
h12 90x60x90cm
b1 90x60x120cm🔥
d 90x60x150
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Solid Wood Cat Cage Villa Super Large Luxury Cat House