Solid Wood Multi-functional Sofa Bed Living Room Dual-use Foldable Nordic Fabric Internet Popular

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Online time:8:00-24:00(Beijing time)model Β : K006
style Β : Nordic
sofa skeleton Β : Metal
filler Β : High Elastic Foam Sponge
additional functions Β : Folding
applicable object Β : Adult
whether removable Β : Sofa Cover Removable
furniture structure Β : Framework Structure
delivery/installation Β : Others Beijing Nanchang City Harbin City Dalian City Shenyang City Xi'an Guiyang City Zhengzhou Jinhua City Changsha City Changzhou City Chengdu City Dongguan City Foshan City Fuzhou City Guangzhou City Hangzhou City Nanjing City Ningbo City Qingdao City Shanghai Shenzhen City Taizhou City Tianjin City Wuxi City Wuhan City Xiamen City Chongqing City
cities Β : Foshan
counties Β : Shunde District
whether to assemble Β : Ready
whether the taxi can be transported Β : No
style positioning Β : Budget
color classification :
1】1.3 m Sponge Premium
2】1.3 m Latex Premium
3】1.5 m Sponge Premium
4】1.5 m Latex Premium
5】1.5 m Latex + Storage Exclusive
6】1.5 m Sponge + Storage Exclusive
7】1.5 m Coconut Palm Premium
8】1.8 m Sponge Premium
9】1.8 m Latex Premium
10】1.8 m Latex + Storage Exclusive
11】1.8 m Sponge + Storage Exclusive
12】1.8 m Coconut Palm Premium
13】2.1 m Sponge Premium
14】2.1 m Latex Premium
15】2.1 m Latex + Storage Exclusive
16】2.1 m Sponge + Storage Exclusive
17】2.1 m Coconut Palm Premium
Specs Name Description:
color classifi : color classification
package length : package length color classifi: 1】1.3 m Sponge Premi
2】1.3 m Latex Premiu
3】1.5 m Sponge Premi
4】1.5 m Latex Premiu
5】1.5 m Latex +
6】1.5 m Sponge +
7】1.5 m Coconut Palm
8】1.8 m Sponge Premi
9】1.8 m Latex Premiu
10】1.8 m Latex +
11】1.8 m Sponge +
12】1.8 m Coconut Pal
13】2.1 m Sponge Prem
14】2.1 m Latex Premi
15】2.1 m Latex +
16】2.1 m Sponge +
17】2.1 m Coconut Pal
package length: 1.5 m -1.8 m

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Solid Wood Multi-functional Sofa Bed Living Room Dual-use Foldable Nordic Fabric Internet Popular