Special Offer New Product Home Small Anti-theft All-steel Mini 20/25/30/36cm Cabinet Wall Office

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model ย : Klb-ry4560
after-sales service ย : National Joint Guarantee
safe type : Electronic Safe Fingerprint Safe Other/other
production Enterprise ย : Kalenburg Technology Development Co., Ltd.
door style : Single-door
applicable scenarios ย : Home Hotel Catering
time to Market ย : 2020-03
outer box size : 36x40x30cm
thickness of steel plate : 2mm
safe species : Safe Box
open Mode : Fingerprint
box door sheet thickness : Other
whether there is fire rating certification : No
color classification :
1ใ€‘20cm Business Black Password
2ใ€‘25cm Business Black Password
3ใ€‘25cm Coffee Gold Password
4ใ€‘25cm Business Black Password-remote Authorization
5ใ€‘25cm Coffee Gold Password-remote Authorization
6ใ€‘25cm Tuhao Gold Password-remote Authorization
7ใ€‘25cm Business Black Fingerprint
8ใ€‘25cm Coffee Gold Fingerprint
9ใ€‘30cm Business Black Password
10ใ€‘30cm Coffee Gold Password
11ใ€‘30cm Pearl White Password
12ใ€‘30cm Business Black Fingerprint
13ใ€‘30cm Coffee Gold Fingerprint
14ใ€‘30cm Pearl White Fingerprint
15ใ€‘36cm Business Black Password
16ใ€‘36cm Coffee Gold Password
17ใ€‘36cm Pearl White Password
18ใ€‘36cm Business Black Fingerprint
19ใ€‘36cm Coffee Gold Fingerprint
20ใ€‘36cm Pearl White Fingerprint
Specs Name Description:
color classifi : color classification color classifi: 1ใ€‘31x20x20 Black
5ใ€‘35x25x25 Gold
6ใ€‘35x25x25 Luxury
7ใ€‘35x25x25 A
8ใ€‘35x25x25 Gold A
9ใ€‘40x30x30 Black
12ใ€‘40x30x30 Black B
13ใ€‘40x30x30 Gold B
14ใ€‘40x30x30 White
16ใ€‘40x30x36 Gold
1840x30x36black B
19ใ€‘40x30x36 Gold B
20ใ€‘40x30x36white b

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Special Offer New Product Home Small Anti-theft All-steel Mini 20/25/30/36cm Cabinet Wall Office