Tatami Mattress Folding Breathable Mattress Bedding Double Non-slip Thin Mattress

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Color :
1.anti-skid upgraded model [gas Blue]]
2.anti-skid upgrade [gaoya Grey]]
3.anti-skid upgrade [Fugui purple]]
4.anti-skid upgrade [Girl powder]]
5.anti-skid upgrade [Sky Blue]]
6.anti-skid upgrade [charming red]]
7.anti-skid upgraded "cool rice White]
8.anti-skid upgrade [energetic cafe]]
9.anti-skid upgrade [Tingye]]
10.anti-skid upgrade [legend of stars and moon]]
11.anti-skid upgrade [European and American style]]
12.anti-skid upgrade [Hawaii scenery]]
13.anti-skid upgrade [Tong Mengyuan]]
14.anti-skid upgrade [grassland love]]
15.anti-skid upgrade [clear sky]]

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5. If you need to send personnel to wait, the waiting time can not exceed 30 minutes.
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1.There will be 1-3 cm normal minor deviation owing to manual measurement.
2.The picture is of actual products. But minor color difference maybe exist due to

different light and monitor setting
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#PadMattress #WomenpadMattress #SiliconepadMattress #HotpadMattress #WaterproofMattress #Women'sSingleMattress #OutdoorMattressColor: 15.anti-skid Upgrade
12.anti-skid Upgrade
14.anti-skid Upgrade
13.anti-skid Upgrade
11.anti-skid Upgrade
-Size: 90 x 200cm Bed
135 x 200cm Bed
150 x 200cm Bed
200 x 200cm Bed
150 x 190cm Bed
120 x 200cm Bed
180 x 200cm Bed
100 x 200cm Bed
180 x 220cm Bed
200 x 220cm Bed

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Tatami Mattress Folding Breathable Mattress Bedding Double Non-slip Thin Mattress