YICHANG Roller Coaster Automatic Mahjong Table Free Installation Fang He co-branded Mini Roller

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🃏please read before buying🀄
📢Installation attention:Please contact the customer service when you receive all the packages, and give us your contact information, we will arrange the professional installer "阿齐" to install mahjong table for you
✅ Free Installation (Free door-to-door installation)
✅Free Singapore Mahjong Tiles×2(include 🐭animal+fei) SIZE40
✅Random free gift pack (chips - cleaning brush - cover cloth - coffee table)
✅🎲3 dice are given by default
✅ One-year warranty. we provide online video guidance, If the part is damaged under normal use, we will reissue it for you

- [ ] Thick cushioned drum for less vibration
- [ ] In built USB ports, ashtray, drink holder and cash drawer(Dinning table style does not have a cup holder)
- [ ] Wider and flatter control panel for better gaming experience
- [ ] Quality finish of the casing for the posh look that will fit any household
- [ ] Rated Low Noise<40db

🚢Transportation notice🚢
•Shipping time:15-25 days by sea shipping
• Mahjong tables are generally divided into four packages📦📦📦📦. Due to different delivery times, they may not be received at the same time. Please don’t worry

👍Advantages of buying automatic mahjong table from YICHANG
*Prices are up to 90SGD cheaper than local sellers.
*More new styles, new functions and trendy automatic mahjong tables are waiting for you to buy
*We have personally sold and delivered many sets of automatic mahjong tables! Buy with confidence.size: 1】white-manual Folding
2】grey-manual Folding
3】wood Color-manual Folding
4】coffee-manual Folding
5】blue-manual Folding
6】pink-manual Folding
7】orange-manual Folding
8】white-table Type
9】grey-table Type
10】wood Color-table Type
11】white-electric Folding
12】grey-electric Folding
13】wood Color-electric Folding
14】dual-drive Electric Folding
15】dual-drive Electric Folding
16】dual-drive Electric Folding
17】dual-drive Electric Folding

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YICHANG Roller Coaster Automatic Mahjong Table Free Installation Fang He co-branded Mini Roller